Massage Therapist

Katy Naomi

Katy has been a therapist for a long time (at least 12 years). She has worked in sports massage clinics and also high end luxurious spas.
She firmly believes that it is so important that we make the time to disconnect from our busy daily lives and give our body some tender, love and care.

We all need to recharge and give a  little back to our body just like we nurture it with good food, exercise and meditation, so we can maintain a good healthy balanced life. With a caring manner but a strong touch, I usually try to mix and match a variety of techniques to suit everyone's needs performing some deep tissue, sports, relaxation, hot stones, reflexology, shiatsu, pregnancy massage techniques. Always in search for more knowledge in how the body, mind and energy and Natural therapies we can heal ourselves. I absolutely love to take care of people and help them heal some injuries but also to help them to make the connection to heal themselves.